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Spoken Word Chamber Concerts for Schools and Communities

Milbre’s 45-90 minute concert offerings include:

Making the Heart Whole Again: Stories of Peace and Justice and Reconciliation

Mother’s Milk: Folktales of Mothers and Motherhood

Girl Power! Empowering Stories for Everyone

Transformations: Stories from Fantasy and Fey

Trickster Stories and Wonder Tales from Around the World

Prince and Princess: Seeking the Gold Within

Haunted Moon: Tales Both Humorous and Horrifying

The Blood Red Lips and Other Not So Scary Stories

Touch Magic…Pass It On! Jane Yolen Stories

Excerpts from Saints and Other Sinners

Excerpts from The World Is the Storyteller’s Village

Or, Milbre can design a program to fit your specific needs. Click here to email her and describe the program that you think will best suit your community.