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Title Index
The Storytelling Classroom – Applications Across the Curriculum
The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror
Best-Loved Stories Told at the National Storytelling Festival
Ready-To-Tell Tales
More Ready-To-Tell Tales
Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears
Xanadu 2

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The Storytelling Classroom – Applications Across the Curriculum

By Sherry Norfolk, Jane Stenson and Diane Williams © 2006

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2008 Storytelling World Winner Award

The Storytelling Classroom features Milbre’s article “Making Sand Tray Stories,” which presents the essential elements of Milbre’s hands-on oral storytelling workshop for primary and elementary students. Using the irresistible tactile element of sand, and evocative miniature objects and figures, children build their confidence in “talking story,” learning about narrative elements along the way.

With chapters for pre-school through eighth grade and dozens of lesson plans, each article addresses national curriculum standards, objectives and assessments, offering practical, easily replicable lesson plans, for use by teachers and teaching storytellers alike.
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The Year’s Best
Fantasy and Horror

Fifteenth Annual Collection
© 2002

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The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, features Milbre’s short story "Sop Doll."

"Over 250,000 words of the finest fantasy and horror: Michael Chabon, Charles de Lint, Jeffrey Ford, Christopher Fowler, Graham Joyce, Ursula K. Le Guin, S. P. Somtow, Gene Wolfe, Jane Yolen and many more." (book cover)

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Best-Loved Stories

Told at the National Storytelling
Festival © 1991
KCP # 1101
$14.95 (paper)

Best-Loved Stories features Milbre’s retelling of the Welsh folktale "Morgan and the Pot O’ Brains."

"Thirty-seven stories…[from] a wide range of sources, background, and colloquial voices…An invaluable resource for general readers and also for [those] getting started in storytelling for all ages." Booklist

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Ready-To-Tell Tales

© 1994
KCP # 1102
$19.95 (paper)

Ready to Tell Tales, edited by David Holt and Bill Mooney, features Milbre’s retelling of the MicMac legend "Little Burnt Face,", sometimes called the "Indian Cinderella."

"In addition to a delightful story, each teller has included tips for unlocking the story and telling it in performance." (book cover)

"This multicultural collection includes stories from Africa, India, ancient Greece, Egypt, Japan, the British Isles, Mexico, Thailand as well as the African-American, Cajun, Appalachian, Jewish and native American oral traditions." (book cover)

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MRT ImageMore Ready-To-Tell Tales
from Around the World

© 2000
KCP # 1103
$14.95 (paper)

More Ready to Tell Tales, edited by David Holt and Bill Mooney, features Milbre’s retelling of the Japanese folktales "Pine Trees for Sale", sometimes called "The Picture Wife" or "The Wife’s Portrait."

"Performance-tested tales from all over the world guaranteed to have a sure-fire effect." Virginian-Pilot and Ledger-Star

"This is an extraordinary collection of over 40 stories from tellers such as Laura Simms, Jackie Torrence, and Jay O’Callahan." School Library Journal

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Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears

© 1996

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Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, features "The Huntsman’s Story" and "After Push Comes To Shove," Milbre’s poetic retellings of "Snow White" and "Hansel and Grethel" respectively.

"Datlow and Wilson score again with this third entry in their provocative volumes of original updated fairy tales for adults." Publishers Weekly

"Joyce Carol Oates, Gahan Wilson, Gene Wolfe, Tanith Lee, Neil Gaiman – these are but a few of the literary sorcerers who have gathered here to remold our timeless myths into more sensuous and disturbing forms." (book cover)

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Xanadu 2

edited by Jane Yolen
© 1994

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Xanadu 2 features Milbre’s original fairy tale, "Metamorphosis" (a sequel to "The Frog Prince") which was a James Tiptree, Jr. Semi-Finalist.

"These brilliantly inventive stories are full of human understanding and compassion…lovingly crafted of our memories, deepest desires, and actions, tales that are often too close to reality." Wilson Library Bulletin.

"Yolen has gathered fantasies – stories and poems – from genre writers and from those who generally publish elsewhere… Xanadu is a must-buy for lovers of short fiction." The Washington Post

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